Please use the ticketing system to contact support, this will enable us to answer your requests in a more timely manner. Please allow 24 to 48 business hours for a response. When answering please log in to ticketing system to post your reply, do not answer email notification.

Please include your order number when creating a ticket.

Tickets will only be answered Mon to Fri

The only information regarding estimated availability is what is currently listed on an item's product page. Sadly neither the manufacturer or the distributor provide any updates to ETA until the items have physically arrived at our distributor.

Requests of this kind for pre-order items will go unanswered unless there is actually new information to provide. Please feel free to email your request for new information however if there is no information to provide regarding the pre-order no email will be sent back in response. 

Please check the Facebook page for any news, updates, and announcements! 

Hi everyone! I am really sorry but this cold has been incredibly difficult to deal with. I am still behind on answering requests and shipping out orders. Please bear with me through this. If you have any time-sensitive inquiries or are still waiting for a refund please follow up on your initial request and I will try and get to it ASAP

Thank You


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