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Condition Ranking for Pre-owned Items

Condition Ranking for Item
A: Like New - Item is unopened or appears to be unopened. 
B: Very Good - Item has been opened but does not contain any signs of damage. All parts are included. 
C: Good - Item has been opened and contains signs of minor wear or damage. All parts are included. 
D: Acceptable - Opened item with conspicuous damage. Parts may be missing. 
F: Unacceptable - Item is missing parts and/or is severely damaged.

The above ranking is offered as a guideline for users purchasing pre-owned items from our shop. We cannot accept returns or offer service for any pre-owned items for reasons regarding the item's condition. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

Condition Ranking for Outer Box
A: No damage to the box is visible. 
B: Some damage to the box is visible. 
C: Box is clearly damaged. 

- Damage and Stains
Because pre-owned items are not procured from the manufacturer, some items may contain damage or stains. Please only place orders for pre-owned items after understanding the nature of the condition of these items.

- Product Images
Images shown for pre-owned products are not always representative of actual product. If you are unsure whether a manufacturer, stock photo or real photo has been used to portray the product please email us for clarification.