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Do you own your genetic code, or are you the property of a shadowy corporation? The secrets to your past are locked away in your DNA. Unravel your genes faster than your sister clones or risk becoming a lab rat. Study your genetic code in order to understand your origin and liberate your future in this fastpaced, tactical card game. Control the longest DNA chains to survive!

Welcome to the Clone Club!

PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE! Each game includes a semi-cloisonné Clone Club pin and cloth drawstring card bag limited to pre-orders only.

40 DNA Cards
12 Clone Character Cards
1 Base Card
75 Science Tokens
1 Score Pad
1 Rulebook
1 Clone Club Pin (Pre-Order Exclusive)
1 Cloth Bag (Pre-Order Exclusive)

Players: 2-5
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 20-30 min