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In the far tropical reaches of the kingdom, a new twist on a classic competition has emerged; brave warriors compete in jousting competitions while mounted on mighty rhinos, making even the strongest warhorse seem weak in comparison! With clever card play, do your best to influence the riders as you wager on different aspects of their performance. Try to pick winners, and walk away rich before your Rider and wealth clatters away in the dust… 

Game design by Daryl Andrews & Adrian Adamescu / Art & Graphics by Joshua Cappel. 

1 Game Board 
52 Joust Cards 
6 Allegiance Crests 
1 Fence Standee 
2 Rhino Rider Standees 
70 Coin Tokens 
20 Debt Tokens 
16 Wooden Favor Crowns 
1 Rulebook 

Players: 2-6 
Ages: 12+ 
Playtime: 30-45 min