Changes to Pay-Later System 

As some of you may have noticed we have made a change to how our Pay-Later Pre-Order payment option is handled. We now require that a credit card be included with all pre-orders due to the growing number of unclaimed orders and ignored payment requests. This wasn’t an issue when we implemented that payment option but as our customer base has grown it has become harder to manage these types of payment requests and phantom customers. We have also received many complaints regarding our invoicing system not displaying invoices correctly, not loading PDFs, or payment requests ending up in the spam folder. 

There are now two payment options for Credit Cards: 1) the unchanged pay now option 2) the new pay-later pre-order option. When selecting "Pay-Later" you will be able to defer payment until the item arrives in-stock at our distributor at which point we will put through the charge. If you would like to pay via INTERAC e-Transfer or Paypal please continue to use those options. If you would like to pay by Paypal or e-Transfer once an item arrives at our distributor, please make a note of this in the comments, but we will still require a credit card number be added to validate the purchase. Sadly, while this will inconvenience some of our customers, the number using Paypal/e-Transfer for unpaid pre-orders is small. We are investigating whether it is possible to incorporate a pay-later option for Paypal users.

Customers can continue to purchase items at our physical location using their debit cards and/or cash. Please remember that items will be charged as they arrive at our distributor and begin processing. At this point the items are guaranteed (barring the delivery truck exploding) and processing time ranges from 2-5 days if being shipped from our Canadian distributor to 1-3 weeks if being shipped from our American distributor.

This will inconvenience some of you but just know that by making this change the ordering process will be further streamlined which will allow us to receive inventory and ship out your orders at a much faster speed.

Toy Drive Continues; Cutoff is this Friday

Our Toy Drive for Toy Mountain is running full steam ahead. Cutoff for donations is this Friday as we will be dropping them off on Saturday. We have already raised roughly $510 as well as a few other items that have been brought to the store by customers. It's not too late to donate and don't forget that we are matching $50 in toys for every $200 raised.


Toy Mountain 2017 Toy Drive

We are happy to announce our very first Northmen Collectibles Toy Drive! We will be working alongside Toy Mountain to help make their 22nd annual campaign the best one yet. Taking part in the 2017 Toy Mountain campaign is easy! Simply purchase a new toy and place it (unwrapped) in an official donation bin before December 22nd. You can find more information about the Toy Mountain campaign here 

We are working towards facilitating donating by accepting cash donations of which 100% of proceeds will be used towards purchasing new toys for the campaign. Even better for every $200 donated to the campaign we will match that amount with an additional $50 worth of toys! As well as taking cash donations through the website we have added an alternative shipping option called “TOY DRIVE”. This shipping option will allow our customers to purchase specific toys that they would like to be donated to the campaign. Simply checkout through the website like you normally would and select TOY DRIVE as your shipping method.

When purchasing toys, please note that what Toy Mountain needs the most are toys for:

Boys & Girls 10-13 Boys & Girls 14-17

Let’s try and contribute as much as possible this year! If you can’t contribute financially please feel free to bring by any unopened toys you have lying around that you would like to be donated and we would be happy to throw them into the pile.

Have just posted a small re-stock of the Marvel Legends Moon Knight figure. As I am sure you guys are aware Hasbro doesn't do the best job stocking figures that are high in demand. Everyone is clamoring for Cyclops, meanwhile they have put out solid cases of Dazzler, Sunfire, Polaris, and Shatterstar...

Previously we have tried putting up multi-packs of a highly in-demand figure with less in-demand ones as opposed to increasing our price however this has not worked well in the past. We are going to be trying something new though and increasing the price slightly on really in-demand figures to recoup the loses we will inevitably take on peg warmers. This means that if a wave is selling consistently across the board there will be no change but if 1 figure in the wave is severely underperforming and another is overperforming this will be reflected in the pricing.

All Marvel Legends or Star Wars Black figures purchased as part of a full set will cost a maximum of $29.99 even after release. Almost all pre-orders will continue to be offered at $29.99. This makes it all the more important to get your order in during the pre-order phase. This is our attempt to continue being able to offer Hasbro products in the same quantities people have come to expect from us. This will also allow us to put up more individual figures than we normally have making it easier for you to order those highly sought after figures.…/spiderman-infinite-legend…