Frequently Asked Question

Do you purchase pre-owned items or accept trade ins?

We will purchase pre-owned items or accept items in exchange for store credit. If you are looking for store credit we will be more generous with our offer than if you were looking for cash. If you would like to contact us regarding the sale/trade-in of item(s) please provide us with a list of the items you are looking to sell, if there are any condition issues, whether the items are boxed or loose, and a ballpark idea of what you will be looking to receive value wise for your item(s). We will use that information to do some research on our end and get back to you with a quote. 

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the individual selling/trading the items in. We highly recommend that any shipments sent to us with items for sale/trade-in are insured and marked as requiring a signature. We are not responsible for any items lost in transit on their way to us as there is no way for us to validate the contents of the package unless it has been received on our end. We will make payment for any items sold for cash only upon receipt of the items in question. Store credit will be awarded once the items have arrived and been inspected. If items that have been shipped to us do not match the information/pictures that were provided to us prior to agreeing to the sale/trade they will not be considered valid and will be shipped back at the sellers expense. 

If you are in the GTA you can drop by our physical location during open hours and bring in your items for trade rather than have them shipped to us.