Frequently Asked Question

Why was my order canceled?

There are several possible reasons your order was canceled:
1. Our emails did not reach you.
Please make sure you have provided us with a valid email address and that you can receive emails from our domain ( and the domain of our invoice processor ( without being blocked by your ISP / spam filter / email application. If our payment requests are unable to reach you your order may be cancelled as a result of non-payment.

2. We asked you to do something to finalize your order but didn't get any reply.
For example, if your name or shipping address was displayed in garbled characters on our side, or when we think you might have accidentally double-ordered (receiving two identical orders overnight), we will email you to confirm before proceeding with your order. Your order will be canceled after a certain period if we do not receive any reply. 

3. There is an unsettled case with your previous order. We cannot accept orders from customers with outstanding problems on previous orders. You will be able to order again once the problem has been resolved.

4. The product's release itself has been canceled, or we experienced a sudden supply shortage due to problems on the manufacturer's or distributor's side. In such cases, customers will be notified. We sincerely apologize and ask for your understanding on the matter.

5. Your order has been determined to exceed store Purchase Limits.
In order to protect our customers and make sure that all customers have a fair chance to purchase the items they want, a Purchase Limit may be placed for some high-demand items. If it is determined that an account has ordered items beyond the purchase limit, any items exceeding the purchase limit will be canceled and the account holder will be notified. Please be advised that shipped items are also counted within the Purchase Limit unless noted on the product page.

6. We are unable to accept orders from you.
We are unable to accept orders from customers whose accounts have been permanently closed.